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About Lockton Benefits Communications

What’s the key to an effective communications plan about employee benefits? The experts in Lockton’s Benefits Communications Practice say, “Communicate early and often.” When you’re dealing with the complex terms and concepts associated with employees’ healthcare benefits, the earlier an employer can start communicating with its employees, the better. And – keep the dialogue going. As important of an investment as benefits are to the employer, and as important as benefits are to most employees, it’s a conversation worth having throughout the year, not just once during open enrollment.

Lockton’s Benefits Communications Practice, staffed by seasoned, talented communicators who write about employee benefits topics every single day, exists to answer communications-related questions from our employer-clients and Associates in our local offices. Working hand-in-hand with savvy communications and design experts in many of Lockton’s benefits operations around the country, we actively monitor the industry for new channels, tools, and insight to share best practices to help you spread the word about your company’s employee benefits plan.

When you’re looking for the latest trends and advice concerning how to better communicate with your employees, including what other companies are doing and how they’re doing it, turn to Lockton Benefit Group’s Benefits Communications Practice. Together with our fellow benefits communications Associates with feet on the ground in offices around the country, we’ll publish frequent, timely blog posts.

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